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From: George Prowse <george.prowse@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] [Gentoo Phoenix] recruitment process
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2010 13:54:10
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] [Gentoo Phoenix] recruitment process by Ben de Groot
1 On 03/04/2010 14:40, Ben de Groot wrote:
2 > On 3 April 2010 13:33, Richard Freeman<rich0@g.o> wrote:
3 >> I really think that the Gentoo recruitment process needs improvement. Right
4 >> now it seems like a LOT of effort is required both to become a Gentoo dev
5 >> and to help somebody become a Gentoo dev. That means we have great people,
6 >> but not many of them.
7 >
8 > I agree. So what can we do to improve this process?
9 >
10 > I myself am not fond of the quizzes, and from what I've seen most
11 > recruits find them tedious as well. It can be quite demotivating,
12 > maybe because it reminds one too much of highschool or something.
13 > I took a long time myself to finish them, and that wouldn't have
14 > been necessary, as my mentors ensured me I was ready to become a
15 > dev. And I see the same thing happening with some of my own recruits.
16 > They can be ready, but just find the quizzes a chore.
17 >
18 > So I think we need to rethink how to do this. What I have found very
19 > helpful is to have my recruits working on actual ebuilds. The
20 > sunrise project is ideally qualified to mold ebuild editors into
21 > shape. Working on official overlays such as qting-edge and/or doing
22 > proxy maintenance is also very helpful.
23 >
24 > Recruiters (with some additional manpower) could make a list of
25 > technical issues that recruits need to be aware of, and then gather
26 > a number of ebuilds that display these problems and let recruits
27 > correct some of these, under guidance of their mentors. This may
28 > possibly be more fun and closer to the actual work that is required
29 > of developers.
30 >
31 > Of course this doesn't address the organizational side of things, so
32 > we need to come up with something else for that.
33 >
34 > Another problem I see is that our documentation seems to be scattered
35 > all over the place. I propose that we make at least one portal page
36 > for (prospective) developers that will link them to all the resources
37 > they might need. It also means our existing documentation needs to
38 > be brought and kept up to date.
39 >
40 > Are there any other ideas on how to improve our recruitment process?
41 >
43 I suggested a while ago that you should have recruitment drives and
44 recruitment days. Set aside a day where a few devs can answer any
45 questions about what it takes to be a developer - the skills required,
46 the time that needs to be set aside, the behavior expected and goals
47 that developers aspire to.
49 Set up some threads on the forums, a channel on irc, a list like
50 gentoo-recruitment and a FAQ on the front page of the website.
52 Armed with a list of where developers are spread too thinly, a
53 willingness to answer questions (no matter how stupid you believe them
54 to be) and some prior organisation then i see no reason why Gentoo
55 wouldn't get an immediate influx of at least 20 well-qualified
56 developers and more that are willing to give their time and limited
57 knowlege to help out
59 "If you build it, they will come"


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