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From: Kent Fredric <kentfredric@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] A constructive reommendation on stablity improvemt
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2014 19:59:14
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] A constructive reommendation on stablity improvemt by Jeroen Roovers
1 On 10 August 2014 07:22, Jeroen Roovers <jer@g.o> wrote:
3 >
4 > Example 2: Mr. I.B. User configured his system with CFLAGS=-fomg-faster
5 > and now it generates a ton of build failures. All of these should go
6 > to /dev/null, but there we are running an automated service that cannot
7 > be taught how to distinguish between genuine bug reports and PEBKAC.
8 >
9 > The problem: How do you propose to filter out all the junk and promote
10 > genuine issues to "bug reports"?
11 >
12 > Both examples should make clear why we have a bug tracker and not an
13 > automated build failure reporting facility - it works rather well and
14 > it stops dead a lot of spam and bad reports.
17 ^ In practice this doesn't prove to be an issue for CPAN, *because* it uses
18 a seperate channel from the bug reports.
20 The isolation means you can either choose to delve into the metrics, or
21 simply ignore them, they don't affect your workflow unless you want them to.
23 Users with misconfigured systems do occur from time to time, and you just
24 get a knack for knowing which reports are reports you can fix, and which
25 you just leave to rot.
27 And there's no *onus* on you to fix anything, because its only an automated
28 report, its intended to give you installation context *if* and *when* you
29 want it, as opposed to interrupting you and demanding attention.
31 For instance:
33 This shows the CPAN version of IO can't be installed on >5.18, on windows
34 and a few darwin boxes.
36 The maintainer of IO doesn't *HAVE* to do anything here, its just
37 information they can go swimming for if they want to.
39 =~ Its up to the maintainer if they want to respond to this information or
40 not.
42 If a user desires a response, they still have to file a bug report.
45 Though it does prove useful as a user filing a bug report to be able to see
46 all the other failure reports and know "Hey, its not just me, this is a
47 real problem and I'm not making it up", and be able to link to a bunch of
48 them, which cross comparison quickly reveals common elements to investigate
49 as probable failing points.
51 But I'm very much in agreement that such as system should NEVER be attached
52 as a pump handle to bugzilla itself.
55 --
56 Kent
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