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From: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev-announce <gentoo-dev-announce@l.g.o>
Cc: gentoo-dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New acct-* package policy
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2019 17:32:33
1 Hello, everyone.
3 The Council has approved removing policy part from GLEP 81 [1] which
4 enabled QA to establish a new easier policy for acct-* packages [2].
6 The most important change is that the requirement of gentoo-dev RFC is
7 removed. Instead, developers just take the next free UID/GID in range
8 499..101 and commit the packages at will. The policy recommends going
9 downwards from 499, and taking the same number for matching user/group
10 (even if it would mean leaving gaps in assignments).
12 Please commit and push uid-gid.txt [3] change to data/api.git *before*
13 your packages. This makes sure that any potential collisions are caught
14 as merge conflicts before they hit users. The CI also catches UID/GID
15 collisions.
17 I hope this will make migrating packages to the new system much easier.
18 Thanks to all the people participating in the effort.
21 [1]
22 [2]
23 [3]
25 --
26 Best regards,
27 Michał Górny


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