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From: Eray Aslan <eray.aslan@×××××××.tr>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] [Gentoo Phoenix] recruitment process
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 05:51:20
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] [Gentoo Phoenix] recruitment process by Tobias Heinlein
1 Just replying randomly.
3 On 05.04.2010 04:33, Tobias Heinlein wrote:
4 > I think this is a good starting point to get rid of the "some important
5 > questions are too hard to answer" dilemma that can be implemented
6 > relatively fast. On top of that I like Sebastian's idea to order the
7 > quizzes by difficulty -- this means just ordering by the categories I
8 > just mentioned would be sufficient: 1 first, then 2, then 3.
10 I am not against this idea but frankly, I do not understand what is so
11 demotivating about the ebuild quiz. If you get demotivated because of a
12 single exam, perhaps the problem is with the motivation and not with the
13 exam itself. I took the published quiz just for the fun of it and to
14 see where I missed. It is not that long.
16 What is demotivating is a) lack of response from your
17 mentor/proxy-maintainer etc. It is demotivating when you have to wait
18 for days for each question you ask. b) infighting and name calling one
19 sees on irc, gentoo-dev etc. "Do I really want to be a part of this?"
20 pops into mind.
22 Suggestions:
23 1. Bring your responsibilities in line with your capabilities. If you
24 are always falling behind, either increase the time you spend on Gentoo
25 or decrease your responsibilities. It is no fun playing catch-up.
26 2. Streamline the recruitment process so that existing devs do not spend
27 too much time and effort during mentoring. Objective is to make
28 recruitment not a burden on the dev, i.e streamline for the dev not for
29 the candidate.
30 3. Take it down a notch in gentoo-dev, irc. No ad hominem attacks and
31 no flame wars please. You are supposed to enjoy this. Easier said than
32 done I suppose.
34 --
35 Eray


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