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From: Vaeth <vaeth@××××××××××××××××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Removals reply
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2013 05:07:28
1 Sorry, but I feel that I must explain once more:
3 >>> When I came to Gentoo many years ago, this was a very rare problem,
4 >>> but the removal of packages has tremendously increased, and it is
5 >>> not only me who is observing this problem - there were already some
6 >>> threads in the forums, and people planning to but not coming back
7 >>> to Gentoo for this reason.
8 >>
9 >> Awesome so they could've get involved and maintain it themselves if they seen
10 >> it so crushial for their lives.
11 >
12 > Agreed. That's why there are last rights announcements with a 30 day
13 > delay before the package is actually removed.
15 So this 30 day delay will enable these people to get involved,
16 especially for all the packages which were removed in the last years?
17 Now it is apparent that an archive for dropped packages (in the
18 form of keeping masked packages or some other form) is not needed:
19 I want to join your club with the time machine!
21 > In a nutshell, the people complaining about removals should stop
22 > complaining and start volunteering to maintain either the packages
24 Yep! That's the right attitude: Give the people 30 days (even those
25 people who are currently not at Gentoo for whatever reason) to know
26 years in advance all the software they might ever need and tell them,
27 if in doubt, just to maintain hundreds of packages!
28 It is *of course* their fault if they do not!
29 Later, if they need a package, you can blame them that they have
30 not voluntereered for all these packages they possibly might have needed,
31 because years ago they had 30 days time to think about it (even longer
32 if they took the time and resources to backup on their machines all
33 tarballs of all packages).
35 To be serious: If somebody *has* the resources to backup all dropped
36 tarballs, he should please donate these resources to Gentoo, because
37 Gentoo nowadays definitely cannot afford to waste a byte.
39 Or how else can it be explained that this idea of enabling people
40 to use previous packages if they need to is fought so intensively?
42 All it costs is some amount of disk/mirror space.
43 Or is it really that you *want* to blame the user and put
44 pressure on him to maintain packages?
46 Strange that as soon as user's resources are required, Gentoo's
47 attitude was always quite the opposite: E.g. it just *always* installs
48 bash completion or systemd files (or previously also static libraries,
49 although I must admit that the situation for the latter was now
50 improved, fortunately) - the user must care about cleaning
51 for himself if he does not want to waste resources.
53 Sure, both is an admissible attitude - only the user is responsible
54 for everything.
56 It is just: *I* want to contribute only to a distribution which
57 also cares somewhat about the users.
58 Maybe some developers feel the same, but it is of course up to you
59 to decide this.
61 Regards
62 Martin


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