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From: Benda Xu <heroxbd@g.o>
To: Gentoo Dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] RFC: removal of keyword arm-linux
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 03:52:14
1 Hi,
3 As the Perl Team raised the issue of "arm-linux" keywords in the
4 ebuilds[1], I think it is a good chance to completely remove them from
5 our tree.
7 What is "arm-linux" keyword? Gentoo Prefix has 2 kinds of profiles. An
8 libc profile builds glibc in a Prefix and uses implicit keywords, while
9 An rpath profile uses host glibc and uses explicit keywords
10 "${ARCH}-linux". Therefore arm-linux represents rpath flavor of arm
11 Prefix.
13 In the profiles/, however, we use "arm-linux" to represent Prefix in
14 arch.list and profiles.desc. And that bears no relation with keywords
15 in the ebuilds.
18 How did "arm-linux" appear? Around 2013, both the ARM Arch Team and the
19 Prefix Team were interested in supporting Prefix on ARM. In the Prefix
20 Team, a debate of implicit vs explicit keywording was on-going. At the
21 same time, the ARM Arch Team went ahead to plant arm-linux into the
22 tree.
24 What is the status of "arm-linux" keywords? They are unmaintained and
25 has not been touched for 5+ years. At present, the Prefix Project is
26 phasing out Linux rpath profiles and using libc profiles as default.
27 There has been no commit in the gentoo.git history regarding "arm-linux"
28 keyword. The gentoo-x86 CVS history shows the commit author was mainly
29 Zac (zmedico).
31 What is recommended? Just use the "arm" keyword, it has been proven to
32 work well as an implicit ARM Prefix keyword by the Android Project[2].
35 "arm-linux" is considered deprecated, unmaintained and easily replaced
36 by "arm". I propose removing it from gentoo.git completely.
38 Yours,
39 Benda
42 1.
43 2.


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