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From: Thomas Sachau <tommy@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Support for multiple ABIs for amd64 (64bit,32bit) in multilib overlay
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 12:37:32
1 Let me introduce a nice project, which was started by some users:
3 Since the emul-linux-x86-* packages for 32bit libs for amd64 users are neither easy to maintain nor
4 up-to-date, some users started to implement an eclass, which allows to build requested libs with
5 additional 32bit support. Later i joined them and helped them improving it a bit, but it was and
6 still is mainly their project, they do the main work keeping this overlay up-to-date.
8 Also this overlay is a nice idea to drop emul-linux-x86-* packages, it either requires continual
9 work or modification of many ebuilds in main tree to support this in long term. To avoid this, i
10 took the original multilib portage patch from kanaka, adjusted it to the current portage code and
11 added the ideas and code from the eclass version. The result is now a portage, which is able to
12 build any ebuild with additional 32bit lib support.
14 The current main regression are ebuilds and eclasses, which do not support this (e.g. perl modules
15 and mysql).
17 If anyone is interested:
19 -for the eclass version, which is mainly maintained by users and is mainly intended to only replace
20 the emul-linux-x86-* package: just add it via "layman -a multilib" (it should be pretty stable and
21 mostly working).
23 -for the portage version: It is also in the multilib overlay, but in a different branch called
24 portage-multilib. To use this, you should read the instructions at [1]
25 (doc/portage-multilib-instructions). This one should also mainly work, but there is probably a good
26 amount of packages in the main tree, which may refuse to work with it.
28 Bugreports: preferred way is #gentoo-multilib-overlay at, but we also have an
29 alias, where you can contact us: multilib@g.o
31 [1]:
32 --
33 Thomas Sachau
35 Gentoo Linux Developer


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