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From: Jeremy Huddleston <eradicator@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Cc: carlos@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New Devs: erik_swanson and alexander
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 21:53:54
1 Everone please welcome the two newest developers to join our team. Erik
2 Swanson (erik_swanson) and Alexander Plank (alexander) have come aboard
3 to help out the Gentoo/OS-X effort, the quickly growing project bringing
4 portage to Apple's Mac OS-X.
7 Alexander has this to say about himself:
8 "I'm good with Perl and c++. I've also been looking into PHP. I'm
9 thinking about learning objective-c, and I'm definitely going to learn
10 more Java. I'm currently doing freelance work for a couple of clients
11 (both perl and PHP jobs) and I do maintenance PHP work on
12 (the website I recently started). I recently
13 became a member of the Wonder Warp Software group
14 ( which creates macintosh software. I've been
15 using gentoo for about 2 years (before that I used Red hat and Debian)
16 and I'm fairly familiar with the portage system (I tried to submit a
17 couple of ebuilds about a year ago but they didn't work as I didn't have
18 much programming experience back then). I'm running a 15' powerbook g4
19 that I just purchased. I've been running a Pentium 4 computer with the
20 2.6.6 gentoo-dev kernel. I look forward to trying to help you out with
21 the portage on os-x project."
23 Erik lead the now defunct XD2GEN2 project last summer, which was an
24 overlay of gnome ebuilds hacked to include enhancements from Ximian
25 Desktop 2. He had this to say about himself:
27 "I am a computer science turned photojournalism major living in
28 Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Right now I'm taking a compressed sequence of
29 first-year Japanese classes at Oregon State University but during the
30 rest of the year I'm a full-time student at Linn-Benton Community
31 College in Albany, Oregon, USA where I was recently selected as the
32 Photo Editor for next year's college newspaper staff."
34 Please join me in welcoming these two new developers to our team!


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