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From: "Harald van Dijk" <truedfx@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] LINGUAS handling
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2010 19:22:16
Message-Id: 20100609192121.GA16981@boostbox
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] LINGUAS handling by Peter Volkov
1 On Wed, Jun 09, 2010 at 11:38:03AM +0400, Peter Volkov wrote:
2 > 1. Do we want all packages to support LINGUAS if possible? It is
3 > possible to leave gettext based package without LINGUAS and everything
4 > will just work, but I think that it's good idea to make supported
5 > languages visible to user through linguas_<lang> flags.
7 I agree, but I'd like to point out this would be a visible change in
8 default behaviour: the default would change from "install everything" to
9 "install nothing". For gettext-based packages, "install everything" is a
10 sane default, in my opinion.
12 > 2. How should we handle case of unset LINGUAS in ebuild? Should we mimic
13 > gettext and install all supported languages, using code like
14 >
16 > if test "%UNSET%" == "$LINGUAS"; then
17 > # install all supported languages
18 > fi
20 Firstly, don't use == with test. It's not portable. The bash built-in
21 test supports ==. Other test implementations don't, such as the one from
22 GNU coreutils, and the built-in test in other shells, don't. If you use
23 test in a context where you're absolutely sure the built-in version will
24 be used, and the executing shell is bash, then I suppose you can use ==,
25 but at that point you're better off using [[ ]] anyway.
27 That said, to test if a variable is set, use ${VAR+set} over
28 ${VAR-unset}. ${VAR-unset} evaluates to "unset" if VAR is unset, and if
29 VAR is set to the string "unset". I suppose that's why you used %UNSET%,
30 to reduce the possibility of accidents. You can reduce it to 0, using
31 for example
33 if [[ -z ${LINGUAS+set} ]]; then
34 # LINGUAS is unset
35 fi
37 > ? If yes, it's easy to write such code and put in eclass. If no, how do
38 > we live with inconsistency that some packages will install all languages
39 > some, will install nothing (document in handbook and add portage warning
40 > in case LINGUAS is unset?)?
42 Unfortunately, consistency either way is bad. Making unset LINGUAS
43 install nothing changes gettext's design, when the whole idea behind
44 LINGUAS was to mimic gettext's design. Making unset LINGUAS install
45 everything causes massive disk space requirements for the default
46 settings for some packages such as openoffice. In my opinion, either of
47 those would be worse than having LINGUAS behave inconsistently.
49 > 3. What is the purpose of strip-linguas function (mentioned in
50 > devmanual)? It's clear what it does but I have no ideas why. Probably
51 > similar code could be used in QA function that will gather supported
52 > languages from po directories and warn maintainer that it's time to
53 > update linguas_<lang> in IUSE (and probably later it could be expanded
54 > to support qt packages too).
56 It's used for some packages that fail to build with certain LINGUAS
57 values. If I recall correctly, binutils had a bug where putting en_GB in
58 your LINGUAS made the build fail, for example. binutils doesn't support
59 en_GB anyway, so it gets filtered out,


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