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From: Steve Long <slong@××××××××××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] It's just a bit of bash..
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 16:25:40
Message-Id: et97aq$4m5$
1 RFC on script
2 Hi I'd like some feedback from devs as to the potentially negative
3 implications of a script I have written to wrap emerge (groan!) It's linked
4 here:
5 - and here is sample output from a gcc build:
6 I'm particularly interested in feedback from the PMTs (Package Management
7 Trio and their co-devs) wrt to tree problems, or anyone who can point out
8 stuff I should be doing differently +eg 'cos of losing important emerge
9 output or re: bash- ie gentoo devs. Feedback on script, if such you have,
10 to either private email or the user forum, please.
11 (And if you're there, can you pop into the user reps forum and remind usrs
12 that you like 'em really, and no, the distro isn't going to fall apart.
13 It's not just pkgs that need love..)
15 Client/server:
16 Recent post about samba client install:
18 Poll with not many votes but a clear indication (quick, vote against..)
21 Possible Enhancements (aka stuff to nick besides +ve thinking)
22 Triage is a concept in WINE that enables usrs to help with the
23 bug-wrangling process:
24 Maybe something like that would be useful for gentoo. You certainly have
25 enough users on the forums who want to give something back, but don't have
26 the time nor inclination to become a dev. And getting them to help on bugs
27 would both take some pressure off (eventually) and give them insight into
28 the whole tortuous process.
29 KDE bug tracker:
30 - wish list (enhancement requests but nicer)
31 - votes on bugs, so usrs can say "this affects me" even if wranglers think
32 it 'obvious' to fix
33 - *junior jobs* - minor jobs are posted on-site for anyone to have a go at
35 The nature of discussion v debate
36 In the UK a debate has always meant an argument. I see from
37 or whatever it's called that in the US to
38 debate can actually mean to reflect (as in an internal debate?) Thankfully
39 the first meaning given for the noun is that of an argument. The point is
40 that in a debate there are /opposing/ points of view.
41 The scientific method is to achieve consensus via peer review. As Kuhn
42 pointed out, the way this happens is by avoidance of contra-indicatory data
43 (I'm paraphrasing) ie this doesn't fit my world model so I'm gonna ignore
44 it. This leads to the eventual breakdown of the model, and a "paradigm
45 shift." (Also known as a "course correction" in the political world.)
46 Where I'm going with this is that you cannot avoid disagreements. It is in
47 the nature of the beast to compete, to feel hurt by unkind comments, to
48 attach meaning to noises, yadda yadda. Given this, it is imperative that
49 one plan for those disagreements. So yeah, try to keep it technical all you
50 like, but don't pretend for one minute that development in the real world
51 is only technical. If that were true, we'd all be watching betamax tapes;
52 and running DR-DOS with a Xerox interface.
53 Now there's a nice idea.. ;P
55 Sorry for length.
57 --
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