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From: James M Long <jlong@××××××××××××.gov>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] debugging pan crash
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 06:56:10
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] debugging pan crash by Gold is Heavy
1 On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 20:06:59 -0400
2 Gold is Heavy <aeoo@×××××××.org> wrote:
4 > I was playing some more with pan, and I noticed an interesting thing. I can
5 > get it to work, sort of, if I don't get a list of news groups from my server.
6 > So, if I start without .gnome/Pan file, and then answer "NO" to "do you want
7 > to get a list of newsgroups...", I can get back into it fine.
8 >
9 > Also, if it is messed up, I can delete .gnome/Pan but LEAVE .pan/ dir intact,
10 > and it will start up fine, but without any of my settings, obviously.
11 >
12 > So, now that my pan is messed up, I am erasing both .gnome/Pan and .pan/ in
13 > order to get pan to go through its setup wizard. I click next on all the
14 > screens and when it asks me if i want to get newsgroups, I say no.
15 >
16 > Then I quit and start pan again. Everything is fine. Previously I also
17 > exported my newsgroups into .newrc file (remember, it only crashes when you
18 > try to get back into it, but it's always fine the first time!). So, I import
19 > the .newsrc file. I quit pan. I start pan, and everything is also ok this
20 > time around.
21 >
22 > I change my preferences so that it doesn't read the news or download articles
23 > by default. I can quit and come back ok.
24 >
25 > Now I go to a newsgroup and get some headers. I quit and now I can't come
26 > back! Running pan with some tracing, after it's in the screwed up state:
27 [snip]
28 >
29 > I've read the README file and the suggestions on gentoo-dev (and the
30 > suggestions basically reflect what the README says), and I do have every
31 > single thing installed that is requisite for running pan on non-Gnome DE. As
32 > I said, I do not normally run Gnome, but I do have all the libs installed. I
33 > am trying to use pan in KDE.
34 >
35 > pan --version: Gnome Pan
36 >
37 > I am running Gentoo Linux, which means I have pretty much all the latest apps
38 > compiled from source. So, there is practically no chance for a library to be
39 > out of date. Using Linux 2.4.10. Please note, I run X-chat and gaim all the
40 > time, and they work just fine.
41 >
42 > If this helps to find what the problem is, great :). If you need more
43 > tracing info, just drop me a line.
44 >
45 > --Leo
46 >
47 >
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51 >
52 >
53 I am surprised that no one has looked at the pan website itself. It clearly shows that it needs the following libraries:
54 gtk+ 1.2.10 or higher
55 libxml 1.8.11 or higher
56 gdk-pixbuf 0.10.1 or higher and unforunately...
57 gnome-libs 1.0.16 or higher
58 Also of note is the message:
59 Pan does not require the GNOME desktop. It can be used in other desktops/window managers such as KDE, AfterStep, WindowMaker, etc. if the prerequisite libraries are installed.
60 So there you go, it is basically a gnome app that can run under various other WM's and DE's... (Like most of the other gnome apps.)
62 I would suggest unmerging PAN, then emerging the above libs and then emerging PAN again. It seems from a quick glance at the ebuild files... that emerging gtkhtml would be wise also, due to the fact that the ebuild is for version 0.10 of PAN which still uses gtkhtml to do inline images...
63 For this to go as planned, it may be wise to have at least "gtk and GNOME in your USE variable". After PAN is up and running, you can remove "GNOME" from you USE variable and avoid other gnome items being installed or compiled in the future.
65 Let me know if there is anything else that needs to be explained or looked at.
67 --
69 James M Long jlong@××××××××.gov
70 Linux System Admin/Network Engineer semaj@×××××.org


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