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From: Ferris McCormick <fmccor@g.o>
To: gentoo-sparc@l.g.o
Cc: gentoo-dev@l.g.o, x11@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] X-modular on sparc.
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 14:30:35
1 This is a random list of observations/incompatibilities/missing(?)
2 features I have noticed after installing X-modular on three sparc
3 systems (SB1000(2x900) kernel=2.6.13-rc3-vanilla, U60(2x450)
4 kernel=2.6.14-U60-2x450, U2(2x400) kernel=2.4.31-sparc-r2). Some of this
5 is repetitious, some is new. Some might have already been documented
6 elsewhere, but I just don't remember it.
8 1. (repetition ad nauseam): If you need (Creator/Elite
9 graphics), you MUST rebuild it by hand; instructions in previous emails
10 and at --- this is a
11 serious bug (show stopper).
13 2. (repetition): VTswitch (CTRL-ALT-Fx) is missing, any kernel or
14 system. Probably a problem in kbd driver.
16 3. (repetition): I haven't figured out how (if at all) to activate
17 AltGraph under kernel-2.6 (OK with 2.4). It's needed for some graphics
18 (e.g., cent-sign, European quote marks, 1/4 symbol, and so on).
20 4. (new): Some libraries seem not to be provided (libXss, libdps,
21 libdpstk, and probably others). libdps is probably needed for DPSgtk,
22 at least (but see below). On the other hand, it might be that these
23 libraries are completely unneeded or that their facilities are provided
24 elsewhere.
26 5. (new) Some uncommon xorg-x11 utilities seem not to be provided. For
27 example, pswrap (also needed for DPSgtk), gccmakedep (needed for some
28 games), and doubtless others. They might be someplace disguised with
29 some other name, but I can't find them.
31 6. Probably other things that haven't made enough of an impression on
32 me for me to recall them. :)
34 There is probably a mechanism in place for officially reporting this
35 sort thing, but I am too lazy to look it up, and I think this
36 information is potentially of general interest anyway. Slight apologies
37 to those of you who receive several copies of this note or who have
38 already seen all of this from me. (But very slight.)
40 Feedback, other than flames, requested. If notes like this offend you,
41 I really don't need to know that.
43 Regards,
44 Ferris
45 --
46 Ferris McCormick (P44646, MI) <fmccor@g.o>
47 Developer, Gentoo Linux (Sparc, Devrel)


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