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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] gentoo's portage
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 09:22:52
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] gentoo's portage by Sami Cokar
1 >1) documentation: please ensure the 'build' options
2 >(/etc/ are explained as to what all the three letter
3 >acronyms mean and the impact/dependencies of picking them
4 >
5 >2)documentation: the departure from 'normal' system startup scripts
6 >needs to described. What will happen when a 'normal' non-gentoo
7 >application tries to install itself expecting a 'standard' layout?
9 Yes, we need documentation. It's probably about time we look at putting a
10 doco team together. The 1.0 release is sneaking up on us.
12 >3) portage: a great drawback seems that 'constant human effort' is
13 >required to ensure the portage tree is updated. I can see this becoming
14 >an issue for gentoo. There are many applications released and updated
15 >that must conform to the portage system to make sure 'the latest and
16 >greatest' really IS available "as advertised" on the web site :) eg. I
17 >needed the latest Matrox drivers and Powerdesk utility which I installed
18 >manually. my system's portage is not aware of manual installs I perform
19 >and I needed the drivers before they could be added to the 'gentoo
20 >portage' tree.
22 Please see the 4000 packages in the FreeBSD ports tree. This method is
23 tried and true.
25 >4) portage: sounds powerful - perhaps it can also be used as a means of
26 >a useful/automated/'user-friendly' 'uninstall' which is sorely lacking
27 >in the unix world. I have tried 4+ distributions of Linux and am
28 >getting a bit tired of telling their respective 'uninstall' that when I
29 >want to remove a game, I would STILL like to keep gnome on my system.
31 It does, but it's not very userfriendly at the moment. To unmerge an app,
32 do this:
34 ebuild /var/db/pkg/<category>/<app-ver>/<app-ver>.ebuild unmerge
36 It will only unmerge that version of that application, and nothing else.
38 >5) portage: if possible (space requirements, etc), 'generic 386'
39 >binaries for the base system should be in the portage tree so that
40 >initial installs/builds can progress faster. the 'emerge system' on my
41 >P4 1.4 took a looong time. Would be better to have as much generic base
42 >system and then be able to fine tune as desired.
44 Yes, but right now we are in a pre-release state and doing a full build for
45 each release would get us nowhere.
47 >6) portage: organization. consider reducing the # of categories.
48 >People can mainly remember 7 +/- 2 items of information. go into
49 >/usr/portage and there are a lot of choices which will only increase in
50 >the future. Consider:
52 They don't have to remember them, they are in /usr/portage. They are also
53 pretty self explanitory.
55 > /usr/portage/base (anything necessary to get from PC booted to
56 >minimal command line)
57 > /usr/portage/GUI (user interfaces, windowing systems)
58 > /user/portage/development (development tools, languages)
59 >
60 > etc. Note that i used 'development' instead of 'dev'. lets use
61 >long file names as necessary.
62 >
63 > and don't go too deep:
64 >
65 >
66 >/usr/portage/development/languages/python/libs/3rdparty/UnimportantLib
68 This is no better than dev-python/libN. You have to go no farther than
69 /usr/portage to get a view of where things are. Also, you can do an
70 "emerge <category>/<app>" from anywhere in the filesystem, and portage with
71 install the latest version of that app with dependencies. Can you imagine
72 having to type "emerge
73 development/languages/python/libs/3rdparty/UnimportantLib" ?
75 I think the more you play with the system, the more you'll begin to see
76 it's logic. Also, I know that some of us would like to see a search
77 feature. However, that is low on the list for now. We're in the process
78 of shaking bugs out of the system and defining a solid base from which to
79 work from.
81 >So far, gentoo seems to be the distribution I would prefer to use.
82 >Congratulations on the results you've achieved.
84 drobbins deserves all the credit. He's designed and built the only Linux
85 distro I'll use.
87 kabau
89 --
90 "UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that
91 would also stop you from doing clever things." --Doug Gwyn


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