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From: Max Magorsch <arzano@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Migration of Tyrian from Bootstrap to Foundation
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 22:36:10
1 Hi all,
3 I want to propose the migration of Tyrian from Bootstrap[0] to Foundation[1].
5 Before I continue, some background information: Tyrian is the unified
6 theme. It's currently based on Bootstrap, which in turn is
7 a front-end framework. Bootstrap is especially famous for its ready to
8 use components. That is, you can include Bootstrap and get started
9 without much customization. Tyrian was originally based on Bootstrap
10 v3. Bootstrap v4, however, turned out to become a major rewrite of the
11 whole project. That is, it's not just Tyrian that has to be migrated
12 to Bootstrap v4 but also all sites that are using Tyrian, as Bootstrap
13 v4 is not backwards compatible.
15 I've already ported Tyrian and some sites to Bootstrap v4 some time
16 ago[2]. However, it turns out there are still some incompatibilities.
17 They, in turn, are causing problems on Gentoo sites that are already
18 using the new Tyrian version [3].
20 So the tl;dr is that we will still have to invest some time here to
21 make everything work as before. That's why I would like to take the
22 opportunity to propose to rather spend the time migrating to
23 Foundation instead of fixing Bootstrap incompatibilities.
25 Foundation is another popular front-end framework, which is also
26 widely used (e.g. Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Docker, Mozilla, University of
27 Cambridge, or The Washington Post are using it, to name just a few).
28 While Bootstrap is focused on providing the tools to getting started
29 quickly without having to customize much, Foundation is all about
30 customization. That is, it is providing the 'foundation' to build your
31 customized theme based on your needs.
33 While I also think the philosophy of Foundation comes closer to
34 Gentoo's ideas, it's mainly the technical part that makes me suggest
35 the migration. Foundation is made for customizing Tyrian to our needs,
36 while Bootstrap was a great way to get started quickly back then.
38 Finally, to be clear: I'm solely suggesting a migration of the
39 framework that is used to customize Tyrian to our needs. I'm not
40 suggesting any major change of the visual appearance in this mail.
41 While we can discuss visual changes as well on this occasion, that's
42 not intended to be part of this mail. The appearance can stay the same
43 when using Foundation.
45 Does anyone see any blockers here? If so, please let me know;
46 otherwise, I would like to start the migration, to move this forward.
48 -M
50 [0]
51 [1]
52 [2]
53 contains the rollout status
54 [3] Thanks to everyone who helped pointing out problems that occurred
55 after using the new Tyrian version