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From: Gold is Heavy <aeoo@×××××××.org>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] kmail on gentoo: how to make it use ispell
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 18:05:12
1 Yo guys,
3 I figured out how to make kmail use ispell. I couldn't take kmail not
4 allowing me to do spell checking, so I used a handy strace command to see
5 what the photon is going on.
7 strace -s 256 kmail --nofork > /tmp/kmail.log 2>&1 &
9 Ok, -s 256 allows me to see the entire strings in the function arguments.
10 The reason I chose piping the output instead of using strace -o option is
11 because I wanted to see kmail's own debugging output combined with strace.
12 Looking quickly at the log file, I noticed that kmail was looking for
14 /usr/lib/ispell/english.hash
16 So, I got there, and of course, there is no english.hash file. I type 'man
17 ispell' and what do you know, it explains how to make .hash file. So, I su
18 to root, then do
20 cd /usr/lib/ispell
21 buildhash english.aff english.hash
23 And, presto, kmail works. It's still kinda weird, because kmail is supposed
24 to recognize all the dictionaries installed, but it doesn't. I don't think
25 it understands /usr/lib/ispell/americanmed.hash stuff -- I think it wants to
26 see /usr/lib/ispell/american.hash instead, maybe? Or maybe not. It works
27 well enough now.
29 I hope this helps some of you.
31 --Leo


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