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From: Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Qt 5.15.3 version bump with breaking changes incoming
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2022 05:02:10
Message-Id: pan$6cd6d$913ca75$2dee3029$
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Qt 5.15.3 version bump with breaking changes incoming by Andreas Sturmlechner
1 Andreas Sturmlechner posted on Mon, 21 Mar 2022 12:18:43 +0100 as
2 excerpted:
4 > Please upgrade to Qt 5.15.3 which is in package.mask now and help
5 > testing, especially if you maintain Qt5-based packages yourself.
7 FWIW I did the upgrade yesterday, as it's now required (as you know) for
8 the live-git kde-*/*-9999 packages in the kde overlay.
10 Timing happened to be a bit rough as I had been working through a bunch of
11 upstream kde git-master breakage over the last couple weeks and still had
12 a couple critical packages that I had /just/ figured out how to get to
13 rebuild... when I had to do the 5.15.3 upgrade too, but after pulling an
14 all-nighter last night, I had everything at least building again early
15 this morning. But the freshly upgraded plasma-wayland wouldn't actually
16 run, even after reboot, etc. Glad I have weston as a backup! =:^)
18 After work (without sleep) today, I synced and did the normal @world deep-
19 update, then smart-live-rebuilt todays updates, and luckily there weren't
20 additional unfixed breaking updates in the last ten days, and I could
21 FINALLY get back into a fully updated in-sync-with-upstream live-git-
22 master kde, on top of the fresh qt 5.15.3, the first time I've been fully
23 updated and operational since I was last in sync March 7. =:^)
25 I still have some bug fallout to file, gentoo/kde-overlay or upstream,
26 after I recover with a bit more sleep (and update my backups at my new
27 known-working state), and I can't say the upgrade was at all smooth tho
28 that's timing as much as anything, but I *CAN* report my normal plasma-
29 wayland session and everything I've tested so far is working fine with qt
30 5.15.3 now! =:^)
32 And of course if I didn't enjoy the challenge and edginess of a bit of
33 breakage every now and again I'd not be running ~arch plus live-git of all
34 of kde along with a few other misc packages... It sucks when it breaks but
35 there's nothing like the high of FINALLY having a fully working fully in-
36 sync system after struggling with it for a couple weeks. Thanks for both
37 the new qt and all those live kde-*/*-9999 ebuilds. =:^)
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