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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Installer CD / Live CD
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 23:01:17
1 On you can find some CDs with live gentoo
2 installations. Check out for what
3 you see when you bootup.
5 CD does:
6 - Boot a fully functional gentoo system from CD.
7 - Autodetects hardware
8 - Starts a browser (links in graphics mode) displaying instructions and
9 allowing to browse the net.
11 - Can play mp3s while you install.
12 - Can play videos (0.4)
13 - Can autoconfigure and run X off the CD. mozilla, xfce and fluxbox
14 provided.
15 - Contains a menu based installer
16 - Contains a menu based management interface.
18 So far I have had >300 accesses to the image and some reports of
19 successful installations.
21 I plan to enhance the CD to include KDE and Koffice. All binaries are
22 prebuild for Pentium on the CD and will be installed without building them
23 if so desired. This allows a gentoo installation in 10 minutes with a
24 comfortable set of software.The installation process from
25 works of course. You only have a much more comfortable
26 environment.


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