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From: "S. Lockwood-Childs" <wormo@g.o>
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Cc: Christopher O'Neill <chris.oneill@×××××.com>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Improving Gentoo User Relations (fwd)
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 00:43:05
1 I apologize if this is a resend, but it seemed to me like the 1st attempt
2 didn't get through (can't imagine why it would take longer than a couple
3 of days to get to a gentoo-hosted mailing list from a gentoo-hosted mail
4 account...)
6 ------------------
8 On Fri, 7 Apr 2006, Christopher O'Neill wrote:
10 > As a Gentoo user, one thing that I'd very much like to see is improved
11 > communication between the dev teams and the users. At the moment it
12 > feels pretty much like I am in the dark as regarding to how we are
13 > progressing on certain things. Let me pick some examples:
15 I wonder if we could get an AT or dev to join userrel team as a liason for
16 the express purpose of keeping users updated on progress
18 * user has a question regarding current status in project XYZ
19 * user sees a link regarding 'learn current status' on front page of
21 * user reads this status page to see if the question has already
22 been answered
23 * user has a new question not addressed by existing info, and submits it via
24 a form to the liason email account
25 * user gets an auto-generated response indicating the request has been
26 received (i.e. made it past the spam filter) and asking them not to re-submit
27 questions as it can take time to research answers
29 * status answer guy reads question and asks for clarification if needed
30 * status answer guy either:
31 * already knows answer from mailing lists or irc
32 * searches through relevent mailing lists
33 * asks on relevent irc channel
34 * asks on a relevent mailing list
35 * asks a relevent dev via email
36 * status answer guy writes a brief update with relevent pointers and sends
37 it to the relevent devs for approval (analagous to draft of GWN getting
38 posted before published)
39 * status answer guy posts the update (with any corrections) to the status
40 web page and sends an email telling user(s) who asked this question
41 that the status page got updated
43 Suggested requirements for this position:
44 * diplomatic and patient with both users and devs
45 * not easily offended
46 * broad interest in many areas of gentoo
47 * already hangs out in irc and subscribes to many mailing lists (likely to
48 know who to ask, or on what mailing list)
49 * doesn't mind doing a little writing and is decent at it
50 --
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