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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Repoman check and QA policy for slot deps/operator
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 17:31:14
Message-Id: pan$8f409$de42a1a5$77676abc$
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Repoman check and QA policy for slot deps/operator by "Michał Górny"
1 Michał Górny posted on Thu, 07 Aug 2014 18:03:18 +0200 as excerpted:
3 > Dnia 2014-08-07, o godz. 15:37:07 Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@×××.net>
4 > napisał(a):
5 >
6 >> 6. dev-libs/bar<what?> -- if any version of bar is acceptable, and you
7 >> need to rebuild bar only when changing slots (but not subslots).
8 >>
9 >> Can it happen? Covered if so?
10 >
11 > Long story short, PMS doesn't provide a way do this. I can't think of
12 > any use case for that, and I think that is one of the reasons no syntax
13 > for that was provided.
15 Makes sense. Good to have confirmation of what I suspected.
17 >> Tho you did switch from dev-libs/foo in the initial statement to
18 >> dev-libs/bar in the list of permutations. Normally, I take that to
19 >> imply some relationship between foo and bar, thus the need for two
20 >> labels instead of reusing the first, but if there is such a
21 >> relationship here I don't see it. I am certainly confused but is it
22 >> because there such a relationship that I'm simply not seeing (that
23 >> possibly eliminates my sixth permutation), or did you "switch horses in
24 >> mid-stream", as the saying goes?
25 >
26 > dev-libs/foo has a single slot. dev-libs/bar has multiple slots.
28 MUCH clearer now. Thanks. =:^)
30 (Hmm... my client's warning says I'm not verbose enough, too much quoted
31 text for my reply. /That/ doesn't happen very often! After adding this
32 note it's the "continue anyway" button. =:^)
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