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From: "Tiziano Müller" <dev-zero@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Gentoo Council nominations are now closed
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2008 10:55:17
Message-Id: gh8cpg$5e0$
1 Donnie Berkholz wrote:
3 > On 10:02 Sat 29 Nov , Mauricio Lima Pilla wrote:
4 >> What are the nominees intending to do if they are elected? I miss the
5 >> manifests.
6 >
7 > To those of you telling us to look at what you do now, what you're
8 > saying is that you're good in your current role. That doesn't support
9 > why you would be good in a different role as a council member.
10 >
11 > In other words, writing good code doesn't make you good at everything in
12 > Gentoo. It doesn't mean you would make a good docs writer, a good devrel
13 > member, a good trustee, or a good council member. They all involve
14 > different activities or different levels of thought.
15 >
16 > All I'd like to hear is the same thing I'd want from a job candidate --
17 > what makes you uniquely qualified? We have plenty of technically good
18 > developers running, so that doesn't exactly differentiate you.
19 >
20 > What is your vision for what the council should do? How about what
21 > Gentoo should do? How would you make it happen?
22 >
24 My first priority within the first two months would be to overhaul the
25 documents describing Gentoo's structure (GLEP 39 for example) and
26 to clarify and write down important procedures (like voting, etc.).
27 Even if this is boring work I think it is important for the future
28 since it will help to avoid unnessecary discussions which cost a lot of
29 energy and time, which is better used to develop new things.
31 After that I'd like to do something about our communication problems
32 (yes, we have one): We definetely have to do something about our website
33 and we have to give users more information on what we're doing, why
34 we're doing it and where they can get involved. Donnie made a good
35 start once by posting more news to the front page but he can't be the
36 only one. (Convincing project leads to write a summary from time to
37 time for example.) Also, the gentoo-dev mailinglist did see more
38 activity in the past. Maybe all developers currently not reading the
39 list could rejoin so we can actually discuss new ideas again
40 with (almost) every developer involved.
42 From the technical side I'd like to change metadata.xml even further
43 (see my proposals), push projects trying to automate version bump
44 detection, bug-assigning, etc. (most of the boring tasks) and tree
45 signing to help developers focus on the interesting stuff.
47 That's it (more or less), you can also read my manifest
48 ( or my blog entry (currently only on
49 ... and don't forget to vote for me if you like the mentioned ideas :-)
51 Cheers,
52 Tiziano