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From: Zach Welch <zwelch@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] ANN: Gentoo Linux Development Wiki available
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 08:58:11
1 Hello World,
3 We recently deployed another machine to serve up a MoinMoin Wiki
4 (written in pure python) aimed at supporting Gentoo Linux development
5 project documentation. This is now an "offically sanctioned"
6 development resource, and one that we hope will serve the community well
7 into the future:
11 I encourage everyone to explore its present content, which currently
12 exists of little more than my old static cvs.g.o website moved and
13 restructured into wiki form. I have also tried to provide room for
14 others to add their own projects and pages there; please contact me in
15 #gentoo-udder on IRC or email wiki-owner at if you would like
16 help adding a significant amount of new content.
18 To be clear, I see this Wiki as a staging area for documentation that
19 will someday end up on the main site (or not); the new site will not be
20 a replacement for our current guideXML documentation. While I intend
21 primarily to use this site for my own documentation writing, I hope it
22 can also foster a better sense of community than the current islands of
23 developer documentation provided on and be useful to a
24 much broader audience.
26 At the very least, the nearly plain text input used by this Wiki
27 could allow the conversion to XML to become the very last step in the
28 documentation writing process - instead of an integral part of it.
29 Specifically, the Wiki itself produces XML that can probably be
30 transformed (with the right XSLT magic) into guideXML. In addition to
31 this Wiki->guideXML transform, I believe it should also be possible for
32 the Wiki to serve up guideXML documentation directly.
34 If someone would like to help with this XSLT magic, please find me on
35 #gentoo-udder to talk about implementing it; better, that person can
36 just post the required code and procedures somewhere on the wiki itself.
38 I hope the entire Gentoo development community benefits from this
39 resource, and I look forward to seeing all the great ideas that I hope
40 will soon begin to appear there.
42 Cheers,
44 Zach Welch
45 Gentoo Udder Lead
46 Superlucidity Services
49 --
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