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From: Brad Laue <brad@××××××.com>
To: Fredrik Jagenheim <humming@×××××.com>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Is there a process for marking ebuilds stable?
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 15:07:13
Message-Id: 1050332821.31618.10.camel@localhost
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Is there a process for marking ebuilds stable? by Fredrik Jagenheim
On Mon, 2003-04-14 at 03:32, Fredrik Jagenheim wrote:
> Thus, I propose an extension to emerge that would look through your > system and see which packages are marked as 'unstable' and ask the > user interactively if they think the packages are OK. The responses > could be of the type: > 1) Yes, I've used it extensively and it works. > 2) Yes, I've used it somewhat and it seems to work. > 3) No idea, I don't think I've used it, but nothing is broke. > 4) No idea, I haven't used it at all yet. > 5) No, it doesn't work and I've used bugzilla to report the bug.
With some criteria this would be a good idea. A big question is whether or not Gentoo should concern itself with the operational functionality of the package in question. A 'does it build' criteria would very efficiently mark packages stable. But what if a new point release of foo introduces a bug that causes a crash? Should Gentoo be responsible for marking the package stable or unstable on that basis? I don't think this is practical, although this is what seems to occur fairly regularly based on my perusal of This tends to cause ebuilds which otherwise work fine to remain marked unstable even if the user reporting the bug has made a mistake. Perhaps a combination. If it builds succesfully with ALSA, KDE, GNOME in the USE flags and sufficient numbers of people report this, mark it stable. Also leave three prior release versions available for installation marked stable in case the latest introduces a flaw caused by programmer error. Introduce patches and fixes to the ebuilds as bugs are reported. -- // -- -- // -- gentoo-dev@g.o mailing list


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