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From: Mike Kelly <pioto@×××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] So long Gentoo...
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 03:56:09
Message-Id: 20070713235304.6c7510e5@mk65-desktop
1 For many reasons, I'm choosing to take my leave from Gentoo at this
2 time. While this was in part brought on by the recent discussions about
3 the mailing lists, it's related to many other things as well. Mainly, I
4 don't have the motivation that I used to have to work on Gentoo. I feel
5 like my efforts are being stymied by the lack of overall technical
6 progress and direction in the project.
8 I'm not abandoning open source altogether; I'll still be working on a
9 few projects here and there. I'll still be around on IRC if I'm needed
10 for anything.
12 I regret not having fully completed my GLEP-27 implementation, but my
13 code is still available for anyone who wants to do the few remaining
14 bits (mainly, incorporate it with portage, and patch shadow to allow it
15 to work on an alternate /etc/passwd,shadow,group etc).
17 I have a few helpful scripts for Vim maintenance that I can give to
18 whomever wants them (nelchael probably, don't if anyone else is going
19 help him out).
21 Also, my apologizes to anyone else that I had said I would help out. If
22 you still need me, you can track me down on IRC and I can at least give
23 you some pointers (but probably not much in the way of code).
25 As for SoC this year, I'll still be available to mentor as much as I
26 can, on IRC and by email.
28 Best of luck with Gentoo.
30 --
31 Mike Kelly
32 <pioto@×××××.org>


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