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From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] some additions to portage/ebuild and some other nice thingys i'dd like :)
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 12:52:38
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] some additions to portage/ebuild and some other nice thingys i'dd like :) by
1 On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 08:09:49PM +0200, troxx@××××××××.nl wrote:
3 > Just a few things i'dd like to see in RC5 (or earlier):
5 If you pay me a good sum of money, I'll make sure they end up in rc5.
6 Otherwise, they'll need to wait until after 1.0 because I need to pay
7 bills in the meantime :)
9 > at this point there are a few reason's why the system can get un-optimized or
10 > just not-working. One reason is that if libraries get updated that were
11 > STATICALLY linked in other packages, those packages don't get rebuilt
12 > automatically... this is not good. So packages that depend on it should be
13 > rebuilt... But there is one thing to think about... it's NOT always needed...
14 > for example if perl gets updated we don't want all packages that depend on it
15 > to get updated... so there has to be a flag in the ebuild-files that
16 > specifies wheter or not a package needs to be rebuilt if a dependancy gets
17 > updated... so for example add a ! to the dependancy-name...
19 The static library example you describe should not break any packages, although
20 a recompile would allow them to potentially be better optimized. Achim and I
21 have been dicussing how to implement auto-dep-rebuilding, but you probably
22 won't see it until Portage 1.7. We have other more important features to
23 implement first.
25 > The second reason why the system gets unoptimized or uncomplete is due to
26 > changes in the USE variable...
28 > Of cource we don't want the entire system to be rebuilt after echt
29 > USE-change... so we need "ebuild update" to remember the previous state of
31 It already records the USE, CXXFLAGS, CFLAGS and CHOST settings that were used
32 at compile-time.
34 > USE, and compare it to the current one. And after that it should rebuild ONLY
35 > the packages that are affected. For this another enhancement to ebuild-files
36 > is needed... a field to specify what USE-parameters affect the package (this
37 > also allows nice GUI's in the future to ask you if you want to toggle some
38 > USE-switches if you select the package).
40 > Another thing that would be nice is a way to see if packages got updated (not
41 > ebuild-files, but real sources). This would allow people to easily see what
42 > ebuild-files have to be updated... I know rock-linux allready has the script
43 > for it (to check on source-locations, for ALL versions available) which can
44 > be modified to check for NEWER versions only...
46 # emerge --pretend system
47 (view packages that need to be installed to make the system profile-compliant;
48 will only add a package to satisfy the profile)
50 # emerge --pretend update
51 (view all the packages that need to be installed to make the system completely up-to-date;
52 will upgrade older packages)
54 These features are currently experimental and should not be used without first
55 calling them with "--pretend" to make sure they aren't installing anything that
56 they shouldn't. Right now, they could potentially remerge a newer version of
57 baselayout which would cause your /etc/passwd, /etc/group, etc to get wiped.
59 Also, Warren is currently working on a Gento Linux web update frontend called
60 "gentool", which is at version 0.0.1 and is quite nice.
62 > I'm sorry for bugging about missing things i'dd like to see... It's not that
63 > I'm too lazy to implement them myself, I would love to... but I need some
64 > practise on scripting for now... Just think those additions would make
65 > gentoo really the king of distributions :)
67 Features like this are in the works, but we'll be adding config file management
68 and more fine-grained dep-strings next. Then we'll have the necessary features
69 to safely handle auto-dep-rebuild features.
71 Best Regards,
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