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From: Vishnu Mohan <vishnu.mohan@××××××××××××××××.edu>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] What could one cook up with a pile of 50 Sun Netra X1's I wonder :-)
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 12:42:46
1 Fellow Gentooers,
3 I have been given the task of installing a pile of 50 Sun Netra X1's.
5 It seems to me using these machines for mundane socket programming and
6 the like (in other words, I don't exactly like Solaris all that much)
7 would be a plain waste of useful computing resources. I would really
8 appreciate it if you could point me to any resources that would let me
9 install Linux on them with MOSIX and a distributed file system like
10 Odyssey/CODA. If it were left to me I would have ordered PCs but the
11 Netras are 64 bit and this would be interesting exercise in its own
12 right.
14 I would like to firewall all activity on these boxes using four(?)
15 Gentoo boxes running IPTABLES/NETFILTER. Any efficient design to put
16 this together would be very helpful. What would be the best way to enter
17 the cluster from the outside (University/Internet) and restrict all
18 meaningful traffic to within the cluster?
20 Is gentoo planning on supporting multiple architectures in the near
21 future esp. 64 bit? That would really be amazing!
23 Looking forward to your suggestions,
24 Warm Regards,
25 A Gentoo Afficionado and Evangelist,
26 --
27 Vishnu Mohan, vishnu.mohan@××××××××××××××××.edu
28 Teaching Assitant, EC 3.316 2600 Waterview Parkway, #3338
29 Dept. Of Computer Science, Richardson, TX 75080.
30 The Univ. Of Texas At Dallas. Home Ph 972 699 8967