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From: "Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò" <flameeyes@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Creation and handling of virtual/tar
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 12:49:41
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4 Ok before going on with the profile changes for Gentoo/*BSD, I'd like
5 to fix the virtual/tar thing. Just to make the things more clear, of
6 the current and planned Gentoo/ALT ports, the "tar" command is going
7 to be provided by two different packages: app-arch/tar (GNU tar) and
8 app-arch/bsdtar (FreeBSD's tar). Both works on many operating
9 systems (I was able to port bsdtar to Solaris, too :P) and are syntax
10 compatible.
11 The distribution of them is this:
13 app-arch/tar is the default for Gentoo Linux, Gentoo Darwin, Gentoo
14 OSX, Gentoo DragonFlyBSD
15 app-arch/bsdtar is the default for Gentoo FreeBSD
17 It might seem not distributed in the right way, I know, but that's
18 what I have right now :P
20 Right now one can have two different tar commands installed, one as
21 gtar and one as bsdtar, and a symlink for tar command depending on
22 the CHOST/USERLAND variables. It would be great for people to select
23 their own tar command, so that people who wants to use bsdtar instead
24 of gtar on Linux can do that without problems.
26 I already[1] talked about handling compatible alternatives, and I'd
27 like to progress with this. Carsten suggestion on that thread is
28 actually valid, an eclass would probably solve many problems.
30 What I want to hear is if anyone has good reasons to not allowing
31 choosing the tar command between the two compatible alternatives
32 (both works fine with portage). If nobody has reasons, I'll be back
33 in a couple of days with eclass, modified ebuilds, and if I can find
34 time to learn about it an eselect module to select a generic
35 "tool" (tar only in this moment).
37 The problem right now is registering a list of viable alternatives,
38 that would be simple with eselect but the problem might be that
39 virtual/tar would be a system package and right now depending on
40 eselect might not be the case (when new compiler-config is unmasked,
41 the problem probably does not exists anymore).
43 eselect devs are welcome to slap me if I'm being stupid ;)
45 [1]
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