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From: Frank Thieme <fthieme@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@××××××××××××××.
Subject: [gentoo-dev] RC6 Boot ISO reports + info [kind of long]
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 11:55:57
1 >> I can report no success on a Symbios 53c810 controller, with the SCSI
2 >> BIOS on the MB, in combination with an Yamaha SCSI writer. Sounds
3 >> like a funny setup I know, but it can work. I seem to have forgotten
4 which
5 >> Linux distribution's bootable installation CD it was that actually worked
6 >> for this particular setup. I must try to rediscover it to see what is
7 different!
9 >What brand BIOS and BIOS version does your motherboard have? The most
10 recent
11 >version of isolinux (we're using the next most recent version) has this
12 fix:
13 >
14 > ISOLINUX: Bug workaround for Award BIOS 4.51, and perhaps other buggy
15 BIOSes as >well.
17 Funny thing - I have a Award 6.00 BIOS so this is not that problem. But I
18 have a Symbios SCSI controller (Dawicontrol DW-2976UW) and a Yamaha CD writer
19 (CRW8824S), too.
21 I cannot boot either since you switched to isolinux.
22 Errors:
24 isolinux: loading spec packet failed, trying to wing it.
25 isolinux: failed to access CD-ROM device; boot failed.
27 I booted from my Toshiba DVD ROM as well as from the writer - same errors...
29 Bye...Frank


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