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From: Steve Dibb <beandog@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] new global use flag: opus
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 18:07:32
1 It's time to give opus its own global USE flag. 15 ebuilds use it locally for the same thing, and I've got another ebuild in the works to add it.
3 Current usage:
5 local:opus:media-libs/mediastreamer: Enable opus codec support
6 local:opus:media-plugins/gst-plugins-meta: Enable Opus audio codec support
7 local:opus:media-sound/asunder: Support for creation of Opus files
8 local:opus:media-sound/cmus: enable support for media-libs/opusfile
9 local:opus:media-sound/darkice: Enable Opus audio codec support
10 local:opus:media-sound/easytag: Enable support for media-libs/opus and media-libs/opusfile (opus audio codec)
11 local:opus:media-sound/kwave: Enable Opus audio codec support
12 local:opus:media-sound/mangler: Codec specialized for speech over the internet
13 local:opus:media-sound/mpd: Enable Opus codec support
14 local:opus:media-sound/qmmp: Enable the opus plugin
15 local:opus:media-sound/soundconverter: Enable Opus audio codec support
16 local:opus:media-video/ffmpeg: Adds (decoding) support for the Opus codec via media-libs/opus.
17 local:opus:media-video/libav: Use the external opus library for encoding and decoding.
18 local:opus:media-video/vlc: Support opus decoding via libopus.
19 local:opus:virtual/ffmpeg: Use the external opus library for encoding and decoding.
21 New description: "Add support for the Opus audio codec"
23 I'll add it into the tree in a few days if no-one objects.
25 Thanks,
27 Steve