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From: Glen Redden <gredden@××××.ca>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] FAQ
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 17:53:51
Message-Id: 000f01c1dc33$490b3a80$
1 I have used Gentoo for the last three months.
2 I have noticed that the user list has been growing exponentially in the
3 number of posts.
4 I am finding it more and more difficult to find the time to sift through the
5 list.
6 I expect many others out there who could provide the needed assistance
7 cannot.
8 The main thing that I have noticed about gentoo web site is the lack of a
9 user level faq.
10 I would like to create one.
11 I have been studying the guide-xml and it makes doc writing much easier.
12 I have also written a perl script that scours the user-list archive and
13 creates a XML faq page.
14 Of course some hand editing is required.
16 To summarize:
17 I would like to create/maintain a user-level faq page for gentoo linux.
18 The page will reside on gentoo's site.
19 Content of the page will focus on the gentoo distribution.
20 Off site links to documentation will also be provided where the question is
21 more general to linux.


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