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From: Donnie Berkholz <spyderous@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Keep out of /usr/X11R6
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2004 06:59:48
Message-Id: 1094281075.7059.13.camel@localhost
1 This is to anyone with packages that install stuff to /usr/X11R6:
3 Get out of there! Put your stuff in /usr/{bin,lib,etc.}. The only
4 exceptions at this time are the X implementation itself and very closely
5 tied things such as openmotif/lesstif.
7 If you earnestly believe your pet app has a valid reason to be in
8 /usr/X11R6, please justify your reasoning to me.
10 Quick list of possible suspects, based on what I have installed:
11 (Packages with a * are excepted from this, at least for now)
13 groff and baselayout install weird symlinks. I'd prefer to see X doing
14 these, if they're actually necessary. People without X have no reason
15 for those symlinks to exist.
17 quasar fonts # qpkg -fp /usr/X11R6 -nc
18 media-libs/nas
19 net-irc/bitchx
20 sys-apps/baselayout
21 sys-apps/groff
22 sys-apps/pcmcia-cs
23 *x11-base/x11-drm
24 *x11-base/xfree-drm
25 *x11-base/xorg-x11
26 *x11-libs/Xaw3d
27 *x11-libs/openmotif
28 x11-misc/ttmkfdir
29 x11-misc/xscreensaver
31 Thanks for your help,
32 --
33 Donnie Berkholz
34 Gentoo Linux


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