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From: Matthew Marlowe <mattm@g.o>
To: wolf31o2@g.o
Cc: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Creating a dedicated gentoo profile for commercial mysql support
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 22:17:39
1 I dont know whether this should be a GLEP or just a simple email,
2 but I'll start as an email....
5 --------------------------------------------
6 Gentoo is being increasingly deployed in datacenter environments, especially
7 in multilayered apache/tomcat/mysql configurations. Many clients in the 10-25
8 box range have decided to switch their infrastructure entirely to gentoo due to
9 satisfaction with gentoo's ease of configuration and overall lifetime flexibility with
10 key applications (no need to reinstall/make a major upgrade of the OS - and
11 no RPM hell).
13 Recently, Mysql AB has released two new features/products: cluster support
14 and mysql network (a commercial support offering). As a consultant, I have
15 several clients looking to deploy both. However, the clients are worried that
16 they are going to be forced to switch their DB layers to redhat to ensure stability
17 and support. Mysql also participates in TSA Network such that any mysql server
18 issues could be reported to them and multiple vendors including dell, redhat, and mysql
19 would all work together to resolve problems. Dell has just launched a mysql support
20 program at
24 --------------------------------
25 I had multiple discussion with mysql representatives at the mysql users conference
26 this week in Santa Clara. Mysql initially had a two faced response: They would try
27 to support all their customers to the extent possible due to a strong commitment
28 to no bugs in their code, however the more complex your mysql configuration was
29 the more they wanted you to be on a certified platform (which involves mysql building
30 a test environment and putting it through extensive regression testing for a period of
31 time, they have contracted out with a third party testing company to do this for each
32 platform and some hardware configurations). They didn't know how they could do
33 this to gentoo based on the fact that one person's gentoo was different than anothers.
34 I was told that at least three individuals: Andy Bang (Marketing VP, manager mysql network),
35 Arjen(sp?) (Community Relations), and Brian Akker(sp?) would all have to approve adding
36 a new platform.
38 During the conference I spoke with Andy and Arjen about gentoo discussion regarding
39 creating a server profile, and at least locking key libraries for six month intervals. Mysql
40 also told me they were receiving many requests for gentoo support, and if gentoo
41 could get a server profile setup, they would be interested in supporting it - as it would make
42 their gentoo users happy and provide additional income via mysql network. So, there
43 appears to be a deal that can be reached here. I will try to speak with Brian Akker and
44 any other individuals at mysql next week to confirm an agreement.
46 Last night, I broached the idea on the gentoo-dev channel and suggested that if the
47 generic server profile wasn't ready - I should at least be able to create a specific
48 profile dedicated to commercial mysql support. Others seemed to agree, although
49 a few technical issues were brought up and which would need to be resolved. I was
50 also told to confer with gentoo-releng before starting any new profile work.
52 I also posted a question about the server profile status to gentoo-server, but there wasn't
53 a substantive response and after 1-2 years of waiting, I'm not sure I want to depend on it.
54 (the above isn't meant to slam it, it's just that my clients can't wait any longer).
56 I messeged wolf31o2 and he seemed ammenable, but asked that an email be sent out
57 and this is that email.
60 --------------------
61 Creation of a "commercial/amd64/mysql" profile under /usr/portage/profiles. The directory structure
62 is setup so that any other developers could create dedicated profiles for similiar commercial
63 support w/o cluttering up the tree. Everything would be under /usr/portage/profiles/commercial.
65 I would initially use default-linux/amd64/2005.0/no-multilib as the base for modification as this is what I
66 currently use on our servers.
68 After submitting the new profile and testing it, I would create online documentation that both gentoo and
69 mysql could reference to and provide ongoing maintenance for the profile- but would avoid making any
70 significant changes other than at 6-12 month intervals.
72 As for the mysql installation itself on these boxes, these would be binaries provided by mysql for two reasons:
74 1) Mysql binaries are compiled with icc which could provide significant performance gains for the targeted user base.
75 Untill icc is fully compatible with portage, I'd rather avoid installing icc myself on customer boxes.
77 2) Mysql would prefer their own binaries for certification.
80 Regards,
81 MattM
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