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From: Joshua Kinard <kumba@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Let's redesign the entire filesystem! [was newsitem: unmasking udev-181]
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 03:15:42
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Let's redesign the entire filesystem! [was newsitem: unmasking udev-181] by Ian Stakenvicius
On 03/12/2012 22:33, Ian Stakenvicius wrote:

> > On 2012-03-12, at 9:22 PM, Joshua Kinard <kumba@g.o> wrote: > >> >> And yes, I've already tested out udev-181 on a VM with a >> separate /usr. With devtmpfs, the system fully boots just fine, no >> initramfs needed. Guess what the only piece of software to mess up is? >> Udev. I largely think it's a timing issue in OpenRC, however, because /usr >> DOES get mounted fairly quickly, but not before udevd starts. But udevd >> does restart itself and everything looks to work fine. If you aren't >> watching the terminal, you wouldn't even notice the failures. >> > > > THANK YOU for testing this -- I could not forsee a reason, back when this process started, as to why openrc couldn't mount /usr before udev started. since devtmpfs should provide the source devnode anyways. It's good to have a (near) proof of that. > > Ian
Yeah, I think it's an easy fix either in openrc or in an initscript somewhere. I changed nothing except my kernel (was missing devtmpfs -- it's not under Filesystems!), uninstalled module-init-tools, and installed kmod + udev-181. Then rolled back the snapshot once I had the results. See the attached PNG for the boot output I was able to grab before something clears the screen. There was a few extra lines after this, but I'm not that fast on the screencap button. -- Joshua Kinard Gentoo/MIPS kumba@g.o 4096R/D25D95E3 2011-03-28 "The past tempts us, the present confuses us, the future frightens us. And our lives slip away, moment by moment, lost in that vast, terrible in-between." --Emperor Turhan, Centauri Republic


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