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From: Dan Armak <danarmak@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@××××××××××.org
Subject: [gentoo-dev] ebuilds for kde3 beta etc.
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 11:22:44
1 Hi everyone,
3 I'm working on the (final) depend.eclass version selection routine. I should
4 finish it today and then I'll move on to writing ebuilds for kde3-beta1 and
5 later kde3 cvs[up], which I'll put on some site for people like e.g. woodchip
6 (who is working on this too from some angle) et al to use/test. So when we
7 come to kde3 final we'll have long-used, well-tested ebuilds right away :-)
9 A few Qs:
11 1. If the FHS say only binary stuff goes in /opt, where would I put several
12 KDEs-in-testing? /usr/kde-$ver?
14 2. Where should I put these ebuilds (as patches to portage)? I curently have
15 no personal site; I could use sourceforge or something similar, but a
16 collection of packages for a distribution doesn't really seem to fit
17 sourceforge's purposes (marginally). Maybe we should just put them on
18 somewhere? After all, they won't be at all large. Or just do cvs
19 branches :-)
21 Comments, suggestions?
23 --
25 Dan Armak
26 Gentoo Linux Developer, Desktop Team
27 Matan, Israel


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