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From: Jason Huebel <jhuebel@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] A Whole Gaggle O' New Devs!
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 23:01:57
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Well, RL work has kept me so busy, I've neglected to announce a whole load of 
new devs that have joined the team! *sigh*

Philippe Trottier (tchiwam):
tchiwam tells me he lives somewhere inside the polar circle in Finland (he 
even provided coordinates!).  Must be cold.  All the more reason to stay 
inside and do something useful-- like Gentoo hacking! :-)

Anyway, tchiwam joins us to help out with ppc64. He's got experience in all 
the various popular programming languages, though he lists a few as being 
"rusty" at them. :-)  His interests include sled dogs, cutting wood, fixing 
trucks, driving across continents, photography and animal care.

Olivier Fisette (ribosome):
ribosome hails from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and has an interest in 
bioinformatics and molecular biology software.  He'll be pitching in to help 
maintain those ebuilds for Gentoo.  He's also been busy working on the French 
translation of the Gentoo Handbook. Yay!  Gentoo is the first FOSS project 
that he's contributed to, so be gentle. :-)

Other than manipulating human biology and Gentoo, ribosome is also an avid 
reader-- philosophy, webcomics, novels, you name it.  He also enjoys 
classical music and badminton.

Robb Romans (killsoft):
killsoft joins us from Austin, TX (yay! another Texan!) where he works in the 
IBM Linux Technology Center.  His areas of responsibility there include 
embedded systems and security.  In his spare time, he's an amateur radio 
enthusiast with the call-sign KD5SQF. He's also the VP of the W5IBM Amateur 
Radio Club.  He's also a pilot! Nifty.  killsoft will be helping maintain the 
media-radio ebuilds.

Elizabeth Blackwell (LizB):

And finally, everybody welcome Liz from Colorado.  She will be helping out 
with documentation for the Gentoo/PPC.  Liz tells me she's been using Linux 
for 7 years now!  She's "fairly good" at Perl and will be learning Java soon.  
She just graduated from high school and is moving on to college soon.

Personal interests include the trombone, though she has moved on to the bass 
clarinet, bass trombone, and baritone sax.  She also left me with this quote 
at the end of my interview of her:

"The trouble with computers is that they're very sophisticated idiots." - The 
Doctor (#4), Doctor Who

Anyway, welcome the new devs!

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