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From: "Mateusz A. Mierzwin'ski" <mateuszmierzwinski@××.pl>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] What are blocks used for?
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 05:45:48
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] What are blocks used for? by Ciaran McCreesh
Ciaran McCreesh pisze:
> What all are blocks used for? > > a) Marking that two unrelated packages are mutually incompatible at > runtime because they happen to collide, for example on a commonly named > executable. > > b) Marking that two related implementations are mutually incompatible at > runtime because they both provide the same binary. > > c) Marking that a file that used to be provided by one package is now > provided by another package that is either depending upon or depended > upon by the original package. > > d) Marking that a package has been moved into another package. > > Are there any other uses? > > For future EAPIs, being able to tell the package manager that your > block is of one of the types above will help the package manager smooth > out the upgrade path for users.
Yes, but You should be able to get upgrade without crashing Your system.
> For example, for class d) blocks such > as the recent coreutils / mktemp mess, the package manager can suggest > to the user to install the new package and then uninstall the old > package, rather than forcing the user to uninstall the old package by > hand (possibly leaving their system without critical utilities) and then > install the new package. >
It's good Idea until we get binary using different libs. When binaries are rewritten to use new libs and this makes them placed in other packages then emerge (as installing mechanism) _SOULD_NOT_ install that package until user decide what should do. Just as it is now. People are designed to use brain so uninstall package is no problem. This is also in some part warning to try revdep-rebuild because some dependencies could be changed. Revdep-rebuild allso should be running by emerge?
> I strongly suspect that in many (but not all) cases the package manager > could be making users' lives a lot easier than it currently is... > >
And I strongly suggest to leave old mechanism of portage, because we saw couple times what _GREAT_ automatic makes with distro - eg. Mandriva with all creators and cheap installer - couple apps not running, low performance. Don't get me wrong - I also have that problems, and they make me nervous, but when I think what could I done by automatic replace package or binary then I get to thinking that everything is ok... -- gentoo-dev@l.g.o mailing list


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