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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Status update
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 10:06:51
1 Hi folks,
2 Just wanted to come with a small status update. Last night the
3 harddrive in my development machine (Testing/unstable works) went down
4 the drain, taking along with it my working (0.2.2) copy of the mail
5 guide (
6 is the last public draft ) and some notes, but didn't take anything
7 important otherways.
9 My normal system is still running, Although I'm not going to be joining
10 the gcc 3.3 /nptl effort on this machine, since I can't afford loosing
11 this machine.
13 The documentation will be back on track soonish and most other things
14 are intact.
18 And now a question, does anyone have a harddrive (>20 Gb, ide) to spare,
19 and is said person located around scandinavia so it wouldn't cost more
20 to ship it than to buy a new one? This would be very welcome since
21 it'd give me a chance to get the development machine back in order
22 again.
26 //Spider
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