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From: mscardovi@××××××.com
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New category: media-print/
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2022 20:46:33
1 Hi everyone.
2 I hope to find all of you well with that mail and I ask to forgive me if it does not scrictly
3 follows mailing-list’s rules.
4 As title said, I’d like to propose a new category, in that PR [1], for these packages
5 that are not related to net-print, for eg: drivers. As pointed out by Sam, I’d have to
6 ask here before anything else but, saying that, I’ve noted that a discussion for
7 media-print was already made a year ago [2] and there is a pending bug [3] against it.
8 I have no problem on using my spare time to work under it, I only ask 2 things:
9 1. your permission to do that (primarily from printing team and these directly related
10 to making new categories) and
11 2. point out which packages should have to be moved to new category/ies(?) for you.
13 Looking at packages seems there’s not any package strictly related to net (tell me if
14 You think some of these should remains to it). As said on point 2 also I’d like to ask if
15 You think there should be more that one new category (for eg print-drv for drivers and
16 media-print for these things more common-used like cups).
18 Have a nice day everyone,
19 Marco Scardovi (scardracs)
21 [1]
22 [2]
23 [3]
25 P.S.
26 pappl will be splitted in a new commit anyway, I placed it as a placeholder to see everything is ok.
27 P.P.S.


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