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From: Michael Tindal <urilith@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Even More Portage Bashrc Fun
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 14:51:36
1 Hello,
3 So a long time ago solar wrote a bashrc for portage, and posted it on
4 this mailing list for everyone to see. I took it, and started extending
5 it with various things of my own design, and some contributions from
6 others. I've since updated it with the things solar's been adding to
7 his bashrc, plus adding the functionality from ChrisWhites bashrc.
8 Well, adding all of that stuff made the bashrc quite large. In addition
9 I was using CVS for a while, and wrote a lot of hooks to work with CVS,
10 when I went back to 2.0.51, I didnt want to lose all of those, so I
11 backported in a way the hooks from CVS (I mean in a way because the post
12 hooks arent really post hooks, they just run before the pre hook of the
13 next phase), but that meant the bashrc was huge.
15 So, sometime last night or this morning I set out to create a modular
16 portage bashrc [1], and I have done so. I'll admit, the code is ugly,
17 and it probably could've been done better. But it does lay a good
18 framework for future extensions.
20 The bashrc file is just a skeleton that loads the modules, and handles
21 the pseudo-hook implementation. The real magic happens in the
22 bashrc-modules subdirectory. core-functions.bmod contains the basic
23 functions and handles loading other modules. hooks.bmod defines the
24 hooks used and defines functions used to add new function calls to the
25 hooks. The other bmod files define some sort of library for other
26 modules (like an eclass) or functions that get loaded into the hooks. I
27 don't have any documentation written up for that, so read through the
28 source and you should get an idea of how it all works.
30 The BASHRC_DYN_MODULES variable can be defined in make.conf to limit the
31 modules that are loaded by the bashrc. This is useful if you only want
32 to use a subset of the functionality available in the modules, and dont
33 want to load them all. The default behavior is to load all of the
34 modules under ${ROOT}/etc/portage/bashrc-modules/. To extend the
35 bashrc, for example, to add another feature, you simply create a new
36 bmod following the examples given, then either let it load automatically
37 or add it to BASHRC_DYN_MODULES.
39 I've done some thorough testing and beu did some testing as well, so
40 there shouldnt be any major bugs, but if you find some, please e-mail me
41 with them. I'm especially interested in command not found errors. This
42 is some really ugly bash code, so if you run into obscure errors, dont
43 freak out, theyre a result of how I deal with the infrastructure.
44 Overall though, it appears to be stable, and I'm currently using it on
45 my system.
47 Finally, I'd like to thank the people who directly or indirectly helped
48 with this bashrc and the bashrc system: solar, ChrisWhite, beu,
49 bluefoxicy, and anyone else who I forgot to name. Enjoy everyone!
51 Mike Tindal
53 PS: Heed the warning given in the setup phase, you *cannot* modify
54 variables that affect depends because the environment the bashrc
55 modifies isnt picked up by depends. Be very careful with what you do
56 with category.use, since that can very easily break builds.
58 [1]
61 I've got some sample files in that dir for the random files the bashrc
62 supports.


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