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From: Seemant Kulleen <seemant@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Coming to a theatre near you, but also into a portage near you
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 06:41:05
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Right, if you're reading this you haven't spam-flagged this message
based on the subject, which is quite good, because you shouldn't really,
or you'd miss what I have to say.

And what I have to say is this: there's this new movie about King Arthur
coming out soon (if billboards in Los Angeles are to be believed).
Anyway, so this King Arthur guy is a mythical character, and he had a
friend who was a wizard.  History records this wizard as being (and I
quote) "cooler than Gandalf."

So anyway, that guy's name is Merlin, you see.  And the reason that it's
so important is that Merlin lives, here and now.  He survived these
years in utter darkness (the 70's anyone?) for one purpose alone: to be
a Gentoo developer.  Lo and here he is.

Please welcome Merlin, the newest addition to the net-mail team.  He'll
be helping out on the various mail-* packages, including postfix and
sendmail.  Additionally, he has ambition to work on the base system team
as well, so don't let yourself be surprised when that happens.

Merlin hails from the northeast section of the US, where he's currently
sailing, swimming, biking, jogging, and playing beer pong.  When he has
free time, he also works at an IT consulting firm.  As for his hobbies,
I don't really know, because when I asked him about it, he made a vague
reference to possibly turning me into a toad for that.  As expected, I
didn't push it.

Please do make him feel welcome, lest ye be also toad-turned.

Seemant Kulleen

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