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From: nbecke1 <nbecke1@××××.edu>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] LARRY THE COW WILL DESTROY YU!!!
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:09:47
Message-Id: 3D0D4F34@webmail
1 Dear kind folks at gentoo linux,
3 Hello. My name is nick becker. I have never used your distro but i have heard
4 many good things about it and may try it some day. That aside, my email has
5 nothing to do with such matters, well only tangentally. The point i'm trying
6 to make here is that "Larry The Cow" is a comic that i've been drawing for
7 years. YEARS. I have a webpage at
8 (actually just like a reconstruction of it from another site from a long time
9 ago with out of date email addresses and such) that was updated last probably
10 before your distro ever even had its first release (too lazy to do the actual
11 research). They have copies of a larry zine i made for free distrobution at
12 Black Planet Radical Books in Fells Point in Baltimore. etc. etc. etc. The
13 point is, um, i dont know. I kind of want to be like, be really mean and start
14 some crusade to shut you down for using Larry (it is even crudely drawn, like
15 my larry, and has horns, which would actually make it a bull, not a cow) but i
16 can't say that i really care that much. I just think it'd be fun to crusade.
17 Anyway, shit, i dont know, it's wierd. Really really wierd. I don't think i
18 like it, only becuase once you guys get more popular computer nerds will start
19 thinking i named my comic after your distro, which i didn't. (and of course i
20 doubt you ever saw my comic or named larry after it, so i'm not accusing you
21 of intentially stealing my ideas) I'm not saying like, change it or i'll sue
22 you, but just like, i dont know, whatever. It's wierd. I really need to
23 update/make a new page for larry. Anyway, that's that.
25 - nick


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