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From: Brandon Low <lostlogic@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-core] This is just plain wrong.
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 22:57:43
1 On Tue, 07/15/03 at 23:53:54 +0200, Lars Weiler wrote:
2 > The best thing to find out what users expect from Gentoo is
3 > having a lot of talks during four days on LinuxTag ;-)
4 >
5 > You can read a summary of some talks in tantive's diary
6 > available at
7 >
8 >
9 > I realised that there are a lot of people using Gentoo on
10 > servers -- so it isn't still this hacker's distro as
11 > somebody wrote during this thread.
13 This is true, and something I considered bringing up at the time,
14 however even if we aren't a hacker's distro, we are a high performance
15 distro and those who run gentoo on server are experienced sysadmins.
16 and really, any experienced sysadmin should have no problem running
17 gentoo on a server (see someone's response to this post). Furthermore,
18 we are actively (w/o any management changes) becoming much more server
19 friendly (see further information later)
20 >
21 > One suggestion from several users was a kind of 'emerge
22 > security', meaning that only security-updates will be
23 > emerged. Furthermore they want to install binary-packages,
24 > at least for the "big packages" (like KDE, mozilla etc.), so
25 > the GLRP should be realized as soon as possible (okay, it's
26 > on the way when I understand yesterday's mail properly).
27 > There are other things suggested as you can read in
28 > tantive's diary. Maybe some of them can become a part of
29 > Gentoo?
30 >
31 The feature in portage for this support is almost complete (as you
32 mentioned), and it will be a simple matter to keep a more up-to-date
33 GLRP for major packages. With a seperate BINARY TREE which can be
34 synched against to provide the security only updates. I also believe
35 from talking to carpaski today that the basic work to do
36 GLSA->PORTAGE->emerge -u security has already been started and really
37 just needs a new parent to finish it off.
39 > My view about Gentoo became really changed during those days
40 > on LinuxTag. I realized that Gentoo is as famous as any
41 > other "big" Linux Distribution in Germany and that we have a
42 > lot of "usual" users, even administrators with huge server
43 > farms, and not only hackers or game junkies who want a fast
44 > desktop operating system. We developers should be aware of
45 > this and concentrate our actions to become more comfortable
46 > to the user!
48 To stick to this thread's topic in my closing, I'd like to point out
49 that all of the things needed ot make Gentoo more user and server
50 friendly are already in progress without any further change to the
51 management structure. I think that most of us devs have already felt
52 the overall better organization of release and other related processes
53 since the management overhaul, and we should (as someone else mentioned)
54 let the new structure take hold fully before we decide what all else may
55 need doing.
57 So basically we're well on our way to having what we need, graphical
58 automated installer is in progress, we have a kernel autobuilder so that
59 users don't have to fear gentoo because they can't configure their own
60 linux kernel, and we will soon have a binary package
61 autodownload/install process which will destroy any automatic binary
62 upgrade system currently available that I am aware of.
64 --Brandon
65 >
66 > Regards, Lars
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