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From: "Jason A. Donenfeld" <zx2c4@g.o>
To: "Michał Górny" <mgorny@g.o>
Cc: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] proposal: use only one hash function in manifest files
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2022 18:47:22
1 Hi Michal,
3 On Tue, Apr 05, 2022 at 02:49:12PM +0000, Michał Górny wrote:
4 > > I don't really care which one we use, so long as it's not already
5 > > broken or too obscure/new. So in other words, any one of SHA2-256,
6 > > SHA2-512, SHA3, BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s would be fine with me. Can we just
7 > > pick one and roll with it?
8 >
9 > Back when we added BLAKE2b, the idea was to eventually remove SHA512
10 > (the previous hash). However, this was rejected afterwards.
12 Maybe we should pick that back up? Do you remember the ultimate
13 rationale for rejecting it? Do you suppose those are still valid?
15 Jason