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From: Michael Haubenwallner <haubi@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Collecting opinions about GLEP 55 and alternatives
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 11:00:27
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Collecting opinions about GLEP 55 and alternatives by "Petteri Räty"
1 On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 00:21 +0200, Petteri Räty wrote:
2 > get opinions [..] to get some idea what the general developer pool thinks.
3 > only allowed to post a single reply to this thread
5 Thank you for that, I usually don't follow long threads, so apologies if
6 things have been discussed already.
8 Basically, I'm all for having GLEP55 "as good as possible" in favour of
9 "as soon as possible" before implementation, even if it fits my
10 thoughts quite good already (see below).
12 > 2) EAPI in file extension
14 IMO, this should define *how* to read the *final* EAPI from the ebuild.
15 The *how* does not necessarily mean to /source/ the ebuild, so the terms
16 "pre-source EAPI" and "post-source EAPI" IMHO are too strongly focussing
17 on "(bash)> source $EBUILD" when used in a generic GLEP. Eventually, the
18 "pre-source" EAPI could be called "major" EAPI, and the
19 "post-source" EAPI could be called "major.minor" EAPI (see below).
21 The "EAPI in file extension" also should define the filename-part of the
22 versioning rules.
24 > a) .ebuild-<eapi>
25 > c) .<eapi>.<new extension>
26 > - ignored by current Portage
27 > b) .<eapi>.ebuild
28 > - current Portage does not work with this
30 "ignored by current portage" is an important point for me to
31 *theorethically* guarantee for a possible upgrade path even over long
32 time.
34 > 3) EAPI in locked down place in the ebuild
36 This "lock down" should be done by "EAPI in file extension" above.
37 "lock down" can mean any of: "post-source (real bash-source)",
38 "self-parse (grep?)", "fixed-byte/line-offset", "..."
40 My thoughts are to split EAPI into several levels (rename them however
41 you like):
43 entry-point:
44 Specifies how to read the "filename-scope" EAPI.
46 filename-scope EAPI:
47 Think as "major" EAPI.
48 Specifies the filename-part of versioning rules.
49 Specifies how to read the "global-scope" EAPI (can, but
50 eventually should not require bash-sourcing the ebuild).
51 May allow to not define "minor", assuming "$major.0.0" then.
53 global-scope EAPI:
54 Think as "$major.minor" EAPI.
55 May specify how to define additional versioning rules.
56 Specifies how to define metadata information.
57 Specifies which metadata information is
58 required/optional/cached/... Specifies how to utilize external
59 resources (eclasses).
60 Specifies which/how actions can/must be defined (pkg_*, src_*
61 functions).
62 Specifies how to read the "local-scope" EAPI.
63 May allow to not define "micro", assuming "$major.$minor.0"
64 then.
65 May disallow a "local-scope" EAPI, specifies it instead.
67 local-scope EAPI:
68 Think as "$major.$minor.micro" EAPI.
69 Specifies which PM-functions are available for use in actions
70 (fex 'doman' inside src_install).
71 May be specified as part of "minor" EAPI.
73 Thanks!
74 /haubi/
75 --
76 Michael Haubenwallner
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