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From: Michael Curtis Napier <curtis119@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: splitting one source package into many binaries
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 08:56:56
1 Yuri Vasilevski posted <20050616132044.2b689bd3@×××××.lan>, excerpted
2 below, on Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:20:44 -0500:
5 >> So I think it may be good for some packages to be split in several
6 >> packages (but right now I can't think of any), but I think it'll be
7 much
8 >> better introduce more granularity into many ebuils with use flags.
9 This is
10 >> specially the case (in my opinion) of packages that can have both
11 client
12 >> and server functionality (the best example I can think of is
13 net-fs/samba,
14 >> which I mostly use just to mount shares form other servers).
17 >The client/server thing is a concern for me here, as well, for
18 security
19 >reasons. If I don't have an SSH server merged, it can't inadvertently
20 >be turned on somehow. SSH is apparently a dependency for something I
21 >have
22 >merged, and currently, it includes the SSH server. That worries me,
23 as
24 >it's a server component on a normally client system, and is thus a
25 >potential security vuln. IMO, having it there when it's not used and
26 >the
27 >human behind the machine has no intention of running it, is just
28 >/asking/
29 >for security issues. It shouldn't be there in the first place.
30 >Unfortunately, there's no USE flag to turn it off.
31 >Similarly with a couple of the DHCP packages I was looking at a few
32 >weeks
33 >ago. I normally run static IPs on a LAN behind a NAPT based router,
34 >giving me a /bit/ more leeway in terms of security on my Linux box,
35 but
36 >decided to install some form of DHCP just in case. Several of those
37 >packages have both clients and servers, with apparently no way to only
38 >install the client, short of hacking the ebuild. IMO, that's not the
39 >way
40 >it should be. Gentoo isn't supposed to work that way, and
42 >this sort of instance, where getting mixed up in your configuration
43 may
44 >mean you start the server instead of the client, is a security risk
45 >that
46 >simply shouldn't have to be there in the first place.
48 >I'm sure there are other instances...
50 >IMO as a Gentoo user...
53 I have also had these concerns. The thing you need to keep in mind is
54 that any server (like sshd) can *only* be turned on by the root user
55 with a specific command. Gentoo *never ever* turns any server on by
56 default (go gentoo!). If a cracker gains enough access to do this you
57 have more things to worry about than a server being started.
59 I know this isn't the answer you were looking for but it is the gentoo
60 way...sshd comes from the upstream maintainer as a single package so it
61 is installed by portage as a single package. This gives the user the
62 flexibility that I have become accustomed to. Once you get used to this
63 way of doing things it is no different than any other *nix based
64 system.
66 As it has been said on this mailing list a thousand times before, you
67 can always make a custom ebuild in your overlay if it is that big of a
68 concern. That's what I love about portage, I can create my own custom
69 ebuilds and not have to rely on what the Gentoo Devs give me like in so
70 many other distros. (even though what the gentoo devs supply is usually
71 of the highest quality and meets my needs).
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