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From: Mark Loeser <halcy0n@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Herds, Teams and Projects
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 00:55:08
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Herds, Teams and Projects by Seemant Kulleen
1 Seemant Kulleen <seemant@g.o> said:
2 > Consider this both a rant and a GLEP pre-proposal. When we created the
3 > idea of herds back in the day, there was a clear distinction between a
4 > herd and a team (and a project). Over time, those definitions have
5 > become blurry. I would like emphasise:
6 >
7 > A herd is a group of like *packages*
8 > A team is a bunch of people who share a common goal (sometimes to
9 > maintain a herd of packages).
10 > A herd is also a bunch of mindless beasts who follow each other.
11 >
12 >
13 > To that end, it's been brought up that perhaps the metadata.xml files
14 > are partly to blame, in that they imply that the package is maintained
15 > by a herd. There is not maintainer-team listed, just a herd.
16 >
17 > So, I would like to propose that we make this distinction clearer in the
18 > metadata.xml files. I'm interested in thoughts that people have on
19 > this, but please do cc: me in your response to be assured that I read
20 > it.
22 Is there a reason for this besides the definitions not falling into
23 place as they should? I'm not seeing a benefit from this to be honest.
24 People refer to teams as herds a lot of the time. It has become a
25 statement over time that people understand. I'm not sure why we want to
26 try and change that to something else, even if that was what it was
27 supposed to mean to begin with.
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