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From: Tom Martin <slarti@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New developer: Alexandre Buisse (Nattfodd)
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 19:56:46
Message-Id: 20051128195032.GA29659@pohl.domain_not_set.invalid
Hi list,

Nattfodd's joining to help with the text-markup herd. His real name is
Alexandre Buisse and he lives in Lyons, France, where he is studying
for computer science in the √ącole Normale Superieure de Lyon. He's
aiming to achieve either a Ph.D. in logic, although he's also
considering model theory, lambda calculus or "Curry-Howard things.

He is experienced in C and OCaml, which he considers his main languages.
He's also competent with Perl, Python and Common Lisp. In addition, he's
looking to learn Haskell and Coq (an Ocaml derivative designed for
creating formal proofs of mathematical theorems).

Alexandre has a patch in Hurd/L4, he is a co-maintainer and creator of
funk, a kernel in Ocaml ( and he
participated in the Google Summer of Code in writing a generational
garbage collector, GMC, for the Perl 6 VM (
He is also part of the Bed team (,
aiming to create a vim-like editor in Ocaml. There, he is responsible
for the GTK and Cairo side of things. And just to top it all off, he's
writing a cairo-based window manager, yauwm.

So, please welcome Alexandre to the team.

Tom Martin,
AMD64, net-mail, shell-tools, vim, recruiters
Gentoo Linux