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From: "Georg N. Lipov" <ra-chaef@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] db-3.x ebuilds broken by ACL support - Bug #4464
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 18:14:50
1 A few days ago i had an emerge -u world running, after having modified
2 my USE variables. Portage aborted during the emerge of sys-libs/db-3.2.9
3 with the following error message:
5 "
6 Installing documentation: /var/tmp/portage/db-3.2.9/image//usr/docs ...
7 /bin/cp: preserving permissions for
8 `/var/tmp/portage/db-3.2.9/image//usr/docs/api_c': Invalid argument
9 /bin/cp: preserving permissions for
10 `/var/tmp/portage/db-3.2.9/image//usr/docs/api_cxx': Invalid argument
11 [...]
12 /bin/cp: preserving permissions for
13 `/var/tmp/portage/db-3.2.9/image//usr/docs/utility': Invalid argument
14 make: *** [install_docs] Error 1
16 !!! ERROR: The ebuild did not complete successfully.
17 !!! Function src_install, Line 1, Exitcode 2
18 !!! (no error message)
20 !!! emerge aborting on /usr/portage/sys-libs/db/db-3.2.9.ebuild .
21 "
23 I decided to take a look at that later, so I injected db and reran
24 emerge -u world, but some time later evolution-1.0.7 failed with the
25 same error message. btw, evolution is also using db (3.1.x I believe),
26 so it apparently had something to do with those db ebuilds.
28 After checking the Makefile at
29 /var/tmp/portage/db-3.2.9/work/db-3.2.9/build_unix/Makefile I found out,
30 that cp was being run with the -pr options.
32 "
33 install_docs:
34 @echo "Installing documentation: $(docdir) ..."
35 @test -d $(docdir) || \
36 ($(mkdir) -p $(docdir) && $(chmod) $(dmode) $(docdir))
37 @cd $(docdir) && $(rm) -rf *
38 @cd $(srcdir)/docs && $(cp) -pr * $(docdir)/
39 "
41 After playing around with cp on my ACL enabled XFS filesystem I figured
42 out, that I always get an Invalid argument error message, when I use cp
43 with both the -p/--preserve and -r/--recursive options AND there really
44 are subdirectories to be copied. Apart from that there was also this +
45 after the permission mask of most files in the output of ls -l, which
46 wasn't there before. Both happened only on my ACL enabled XFS filesystem
47 and it seemed both had to do with the acl flag I had enabled. The acl
48 manpage explained the situation:
50 "
52 On a system that supports ACLs, the file utilities ls(1), cp(1)
53 and mv(1) change their behavior in the following ways:
55 - For files that have a default ACL or an access ACL that
56 contains more than the three required ACL entries, the ls(1)
57 utility in the long form produced by ls -l displays a plus sign (+)
58 after the permission string.
60 - If the -p flag is specified, the cp(1) utility also preserves
61 ACLs. If this is not possible, a warning is produced.
63 - The mv(1) utility always preserves ACLs. If this is not
64 possible, a warning is produced.
66 The effect of the chmod(1) utility, and of the chmod(2) system
67 call, on the access ACL is described in the section ``CORRESPONDENCE
69 BITS''.
70 "
72 So it seems cp is unable to preserve the ACLs of recursively copied
73 subdirectories, I don't know why.
75 To sum it up - the "cp -pr <...>"-line in the db Makefile actualy does
76 its job and the doc files are copied, but the warning cp produces on a
77 system with ACL support causes Portage to abort, probably because of the
78 non-zero exit status. In this context, ACL support means ACL enabled
79 filesystem and fileutils compiled with the acl USE flag.
81 The obvious workaround is to disable ACL either by remerging fileutils
82 with an -acl USE flag or disabling ACL support in the kernel. I have
83 temporarily remerged fileutils without ACL support, as it is the less
84 major change until this issue can be resolved. My question is - can cp's
85 apparent inability to preserve the ACLs of subdirectories be considered
86 normal behaviour, or is this just a special case with my system (PII,
87 GCC 2.95.3, kernel 2.4.19-crypto-r7, XFS 1.1)? Anyway, it might be a
88 good idea to issue a warning about the acl flag on gentoo-announce or
89 something.
91 Georg N. Lipov
92 P.S. Sorry for crossposting (Additional Comments Bug#4464/gentoo-dev), I
93 considered this to be important.