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From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
To: gentoo-core@g.o
Cc: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New experimental livecd
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 19:26:00
Message-Id: 1040066967.5804.49.camel@inventor
1 Hi All,
3 There is a new experimental livecd at
6 I am posting this message to the gentoo-dev mailing list as well to get
7 additional beta testers. If you are on the gentoo-dev list, please don't
8 post this above URI on any Web sites or public forums -- it's for beta
9 testers only (if you want to be one) and not for the general public.
11 All bugs should be reported at and attached to the
12 "Gentoo LiveCD (all flavors)" product. I will receive and respond to all
13 reported bugs.
15 If you'd like to install Gentoo Linux 1.4 release beta, a stage1 tarball
16 is available in /mnt/cdroot/gentoo. There are no support scripts like
17 "net-setup" on the CD yet -- we're focusing on ensuring that the CD is
18 as hardware-compatible as possible at this point. Please don't report
19 this as a bug.
21 Changes since the 2002121000 CD:
22 Support for aic7xxx_old autodetection has been removed due to the fact
23 that the aic7xxx_old module will lock up some IBM Netfinity servers and
24 other machines. This is in response to bugs 12185 and 11278.
26 Best Regards,
28 --
29 Daniel Robbins
30 Chief Architect, Gentoo Linux


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