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From: Eric Polino <aluink@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Cc: tester@g.o, drizzt@g.o, deryni@××××××.im
Subject: [gentoo-dev] net-im/pidgin protocols
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 04:34:29
1 Would it be possible to have all the protocols for net-im/pidgin
2 turned on by default. We often get people coming to #pidgin looking
3 for help as to why they can't get MSN or some other protocol working.
4 It most often is because they haven't enabled the given protocol USE
5 flag.
7 There is nothing gained in turning a protocol off. At the very most
8 you might save on 100K of memory, and a small amount of compile time
9 (pidgin takes a good while to compile, so this is a small percentage).
10 On the other hand, by having them off by default, people often lose a
11 lot of time figuring out why they are missing some protocol. Finding
12 out which ones they want, setting up package.use... The wanted gain
13 is lost in research and setup time. I would understand if they were
14 huge aspects of the application that took up tons of HD space, tons of
15 RAM and took a while to compile, but they aren't.
17 I have two suggestions for solutions. The protocol flags could be
18 removed and would make them on all the time. Or if the overzealous
19 user insists on having some off, there could be negative flags such as
20 nomsn, noaim, etc.
22 I am busy with a GSoC project right now, but I can offer a diff for an
23 ebuild that would provide this functionality once I find time to.
25 Thanks,
26 Eric
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32 "...indexable arrays, which may be thought of as functions whose
33 domains are isomorphic to contiguous subsets of the integers."
34 --Haskell 98 Library Report
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