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From: "Hanno Böck" <hanno@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] threads vs. smp
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 2008 12:34:57
1 I got this bug and as I don't know if this is correct what the user says (no
2 idea about smp), I'm posting this here for comments:
6 cite bug report:
7 I added "threads" to make.conf a while ago on my SMP machine. Now i merged
8 gimp
9 and found that it uses the flag "smp" for the same purpose. At least i think
10 its for the same purpose.
11 This is confusing and forces users to maintain local flags for same apps. I
12 would suggest that all ebuilds using the smp-flag switch to threads if there
13 is no good reason to have a separate USE flag.
14 [...]
15 This is a recent list of ebuilds using the local flag "smp"
17 dev-lang/erlang/erlang-12.2.2.ebuild
18 games-fps/alephone/alephone-20071103.ebuild
19 media-gfx/gimp/gimp-2.3.19.ebuild
20 media-gfx/gimp/gimp-2.4.2.ebuild
21 media-gfx/gimp/gimp-2.4.5.ebuild
22 media-gfx/gimp/gimp-9999.ebuild
23 media-plugins/gimp-greycstoration/gimp-greycstoration-2.8.ebuild
24 sys-cluster/charm/charm-5.9.ebuild
25 sys-cluster/openmpi/openmpi-1.2.5.ebuild
26 sys-cluster/openmpi/openmpi-1.2.6.ebuild
27 --
28 Hanno Böck Blog:
29 GPG: 3DBD3B20 Jabber: hanno@××××××.de


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